Toyota’s New Series Shows How Even “Bullsh*t” Can Power the Mirai

Toyota has launched the first video in a new multi-part “Fueled by Everything” series that, if you can believe it, is titled “Fueled by Bullsh*t.”

“Is hydrogen bullsh*t? Or is bullsh*t hydrogen?” the automaker asks. Evidently, it knows the answer. The series aims to educate a broad audience about the innovative ways hydrogen fuel can be made from various renewable sources, one of them being cow manure—literally “bullsh*t.”

To get the series going, Toyota tapped award-winning documentary filmmaker Morgan Spurlock, best known for Super Size Me. He’ll be showing us how the new Toyota Mirai can use hydrogen manufactured from renewable energy sources like solar, wind, and biogas from landfills, with nothing but water vapor remaining in the end.

Obviously, we’d love to have the Mirai at Phil Wright Toyota, but for now its launch is limited to California. We can’t expect a zero-emissions vehicle with a 300 mile range that refuels in 5 minutes will take too long to spread around the country, though.

How to Get the Most from Your Tax Return: Investing in Your Car

Tax day has officially come and gone, but if you’re like some other lucky Americans, the best part is yet to come. The day you open your mailbox (or check your bank account) and find that sweet, sweet tax return has arrived.

Now the big question: how to get the most from your tax return? While that beach getaway is practically calling your name… you might want to consider putting your hard-earned cash into something that will save you in the long-run. A vacation may save your sanity (and we’re all about that), but investing in your car or a new ride could save you thousands in the long run.

Here are five ways you can put your tax return toward your car.

2016 Toyota Tacoma - Investing in Your CarPay off your car. Can you taste it? The end of monthly car payments? If you’re nearing the end of your loan, you might be able to save on interest by paying it off early. Check with your lender to make sure you won’t incur fees for an early pay-off, and enjoy that extra monthly income.

Put a down payment on a new car. The average tax return may not be enough for a down payment all by itself, but when combined with the value from your trade-in, you’ll likely have enough to get into a new car without digging into your savings.

Lease a new car. According to, the average cost to sign a new lease is $2,815. Lucky for you, that’s the same amount as the average tax refund this year.

Refinance your car loan. If your loan has a high interest rate or you’ve improved your credit score since you obtained the loan, shop around for better rates, and refinance. You’ll be surprised at how much you can save in interest over the life of your loan.

Invest in your current car.  Save yourself serious cash in the long run by putting some money into your car now. If you plan to keep your vehicle for the next several years, invest in a multi-point inspection, and fix issues before they become major problems. If you’ve been hoping to invest in a better sound system or other aftermarket upgrades, treat yourself.

Here at Phil Wright Toyota, we hope to help you reach your automotive goals. Stop by today to see how we can help you invest in the future.

Upcoming Events in Russellville

There are plenty of upcoming events in Russellville so we wanted to make sure you were aware of them! One of the biggest celebrations will be the ‘pARTY in the Park Art Festival’, but there are plenty of others to go out and enjoy. Check out our list of some of the main events happening in Russellville below.

April 25th

  • Bash at the Ball Park
  • pARTY in the Park Art Festival – Join nearly 5,000 people to celebrate the diverse collection of artwork found here in the River Valley. In addition, you can enjoy music of all genres and performances in the Hughes Center. There will also be food, games, crafts and plenty of activities including pony rides, bounce houses and plenty more!
  • 5th Annual Hope & Justice Dice Run
  • BBM Color Run benefitting Hampton Foundation

 April 28th – 30th

  • Lake Dardanelles State Park Lake Cruise

May 1st – 3rd

  • Balloons Over RussVegas – Balloon Festival Network will be bringing 20 hot air balloons, skydivers and powered parachutes. You can also enjoy music concerts, dog walks and plenty of food.

We hope to see you out and about enjoying the weather and wonderful events Russellville has to offer! If you want to see a full list of events and activities that are coming up, visit

Toyota RAV4 Hybrid Added to Lineup

Toyota is adding a new hybrid to the lineup. This will be the eighth hybrid the automaker has made available in the United States. Meet the 2016 Toyota RAV4 Hybrid. This is a first for the RAV4 brand.

Toyota RAV4 HybridThe compact SUV segment is extremely popular and Toyota knows it. Sales are better than ever, which is why Toyota is aiming to please customer requests. The hybrid model is expected to have more horsepower and better fuel efficiency than the gasoline RAV4. The RAV4 is also the first hybrid available in its segment, something sure to grab attention.

“The RAV4 hybrid will be targeted towards young adventure-seeking couples looking for a vehicle that provides utility, versatility, capability and excellent fuel efficiency,” Toyota said.

Toyota sold more than 267,000 RAV4s last year. So far, sales through March have reached around 67,000. The RAV4 Hybrid will be available in two trims: XLE and Limited. Both trims feature all-wheel drive systems. Upon release, 17 inch wheels will be available and a total of six exterior colors will be offered.

If you can’t wait for the hybrid and need one of the most popular compact SUVs in America, you can always check out the gasoline RAV4 here.

Hybrid Toyota RAV4 Makes Appearance at New York Auto Show

For years, the Toyota RAV4 has been basically synonymous with the small SUV segment. The vehicle’s roominess, equal capability on and off the road, and reliability has made it a perennial best-seller. Now you can add EV technology and efficiency to its resume as well. At the New York Auto Show, the brand revealed a hybrid Toyota RAV4 version for the first time.

Hybrid Toyota RAV4With a Highlander Hybrid already on the market and a promise to bring hybrid capability to the entire Toyota lineup, this move is not much of a surprise. However, that doesn’t mean it’s not exciting to see a RAV4, our favorite small SUV, equipped with a hybrid powertrain setup. We’ll get more details about the car’s expected performance and availability soon, but for now we’re content to imagine what Toyota, the maker of the Prius, can do with a hybrid version of an SUV.

The brand originally brought an all-electric version of the SUV to market, but that model was discontinued when Tesla stopped making the batteries necessary for the vehicle. Here at Phil Wright Toyota, we think it’s better this way, though. Most SUV owners need the freedom of a gas-powered car, but they can all use the help they can get saving money on that gas. Come see us at Phil Wright Toyota to learn more today!

Toyota Sienna Named 2015 Family Car of Texas

2015 Toyota Sienna - 2015 Family Car of TexasIt looks like the “Swagger Wagon” has more than just swag—it’s got the entire state of Texas. The 2015 Toyota Sienna was recently named the 2015 Family Car of Texas and Minivan of Texas at the Texas Automotive Writers Association’s (TAWA’s) annual Auto Roundup event. During this event, the Sienna showcased its fresh, new styling, plus its added safety and convenience features.

“As the only van in its segment available with all-wheel drive, the recognition as Family Car of Texas confirms our efforts to keep the family van alive and thriving,” said KC Kirimoto, vice president of product and global communications for Toyota Motor Sales, USA, Inc. “Toyota’s commitment to enhancing the 2015 Sienna was focused not only on new safety features, but also the convenience and comfort of every member of the family.”

To determine the winners of each category during the Auto Roundup, TAWA members drove 54 vehicles in 18 different categories, voting for their favorites at the end of the grueling day of driving. If you are interested in seeing what makes the Toyota Sienna the perfect family car, come in to Phil Wright Toyota today!

Toyota Is Now an Official Olympic Games Sponsor

Toyota has just announced its position as a member of The Olympic Partner (TOP) program, which is fancy talk for saying that the automaker is now an official Olympic Games sponsor.

The deal will take effect in Japan next year and globally in 2017, so we’re not likely to see too much Toyota sponsorship at the Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro next year, but should expect higher presence at the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea.

Toyota Fuel Cell - Olympic Games SponsorPredictably, the automaker says its sponsorship will be in the mobility category, which includes “vehicles, mobility services and mobile solutions.” Most likely, Toyota will use the Olympics as a major platform to push fuel cell technology, which we’ve been impatiently waiting for at Phil Wright Toyota!

“Under this Olympic flag, let us today reaffirm the power of sports to bring people together,” said Toyota president Akio Toyoda. “And let us dedicate ourselves to creating a better world by promoting sports in the Olympic spirit of friendship, solidarity and fair play.”

Toyota Sienna Named 2015’s Best-Selling Van

The van has been an American family staple for years, making it easy to transport large families–or small ones with lots of friends—all over town, from soccer practice to school. It’s the kind of efficiency that can’t be beaten.

2015 Toyota Sienna - Best-Selling VanBut which van is the fairest of them all? According to a press release, the 2015 Toyota Sienna is the best-selling van of the year, which is no surprise. The Sienna rocks a laundry list of features perfect for its audience.

Top-of-the-line safety features keep passengers safe in these powerful vehicles, while Blu-ray players keep them entertained. Plus, features like a rearview camera make it simple to navigate, despite the vehicle’s size.

The Sienna even has “Driver Easy Speak,” which transmits the voice of the driver to those in the back seats, making it easy for parents to communicate with their children without having to yell or take their eyes off the road.

What do you think of 2015’s best-selling van? Let us know in the comments.

Toyota Mirai Production Begins

Maybe Toyota felt that since it had single-handedly created the commercial hybrid electric vehicle market, it now had an obligation to do the same with hydrogen fuel-cell vehicles. Or maybe it’s just Toyota’s nature, to be innovative. For whatever reason, that’s just what the automaker is poised to do—commit another revolution in alternative automotive propulsion with the Toyota Mirai.

Toyota Mirai ProductionToyota Mirai production recently began at the fabled Motomachi plant in Japan. Toyota first began assembling cars there in 1959. In addition to being the production site for the Mirai, it’s also where Toyota once hand-built its Lexus supercar. To give you an idea of how much care goes into putting together the new FCV, only three units are produced a day.

It takes only five minutes for the Mirai to fill up. With that, it can travel up to 300 miles. As if that weren’t revolutionary enough, the Mirai produces only water vapor as emissions. Revolutionary indeed.

Toyota Recognized as One of the World’s Most Admired Companies

In Fortune Magazine’s annual list of the World’s Most Admired Companies, Toyota was ranked first among Motor Vehicle companies.

World's Most Admired Companies - ToyotaThe automaker rose to the top spot from its second place ranking last year. It also rose one place to number 24 overall.

What does it take to become one of the World’s Most Admired Companies? Well, Fortune Magazine uses a complicated methodology that involves a series of surveys, but the moral of the story is that the companies chosen for the annual list are profitable, socially responsible, globally competitive, and managed well.

In Community Responsibility, Toyota ranked sixth; and the company placed eighth for Effectiveness in Conducting a Global Business.

“We’d like to thank Toyota team members, associates and partners worldwide for helping us achieve this honor,” said Jim Lentz, CEO for Toyota Motor North America. “We are dedicated to our customers, communities, and to leading the future of mobility. We’re proud to be recognized as one of Fortune’s World’s Most Admired Companies and a leader in our industry.”

For us at Phil Wright Toyota, the most admired characteristic of Toyota is its dedication to providing customers with quality vehicles.